Preparation for the #NGSchool2018

The course is open for people without any background in Computational Biology, but everyone should be familiar with basics of working in command-line (Linux), programming and statistics. Therefore, please complete mandatory courses before attending the #NGSchool. In addition, if you are interested in other aspects, you are welcome to continue with some of the supplementary courses.

In the case of any problems, feel free to post in #NGSchool2018 group

Mandatory on-line courses

Supplementary courses


Can I work remotely (SSH) or use VirtualBox? 

We will have access to HPC nodes and one server locally, so in principle remote working will be possible, but installing Ubuntu in your laptop is strongly recommended. You will be able to connect to your remote machine (ie at work), just remember working remotely comes with limitations ie. no or slow graphical rendering. 

Alternatively, you can install Ubuntu in VirtualBox or install it as Windows program using Wubi on WindowsNote, these alternatives come with certain limitations, so standard installation is recommended