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Advances in biological and medical technologies drive continuous generation of large amounts of biomedical Big Data. As of 14th of January, European Nucleotide Archive consists of 61.5 trillions sequences. If the current rate of growth will be sustained, in less than 3 years this will double. Given the exponential progress in sequencing technology the increase will only get steeper, entailing an intensified demand for experts in NGS data analysis. Big Data requires applying new solution to leverage its potential. Machine Learning (ML) is the answer to the increased complexity of research problems in science, industry and in everyday life. It is our conviction that knowledge of the ML techniques is a crucial skill every data scientist should acquire throughout their training.

What is the aim of #NGSchool?

It’s hard to believe that it was only 40 years ago that the first techniques of sequencing were developed. In that period tremendous progress was made - long and laborious protocols were replaced by easy to use kits, sample prep can take as little as 1 hour and sequencers can be the size of a USB stick. And the field is still dynamically growing. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is rapidly revolutionizing biomedical research and clinical diagnostics while still growing and evolving. There’s no doubt that the influence of sequencing will only expand.

We aim to provide the bioinformatics course for researchers and data scientists in the early stage of their careers (while being open to strongly motivated applications with any background) to both boost research & development (R&D) in Central & Eastern Europe and close the gap in the field of genomics between Western and Central & Eastern Europe.

What are the topics of #NGSchool2019?

The upcoming edition - #NGSchool2019: Machine Learning for Biomedicine will be focused on Machine Learning (ML) and its application in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis as well as personalised medicine. We will cover the following subjects:

  • Tools for efficient and reproducible research (package management system, software version control, operating in command line of *nix systems, HPC computing, containers)
  • Modern and libraries/packages for biomedical data science
  • Deep learning in long read sequencing data analysis
  • Statistical and probabilistic analysis of biomedical data
  • Integration of genomics data using ML for understanding gene regulation in its three dimensional context
  • Quality control and typical mistakes of a beginner ML user

What is the scope?

The course will cover various aspects of bioinformatics, focusing on analyses commonly applied in Next Generation Sequencing, underlining its applications in healthcare and industry. All topics will be covered by the theoretical introduction and practical hackathon-style hands-on training with real-life examples. The training will be led by internationally recognized experts. The course will be held in English and we plan to have a symbolic fee that will allow people to attend despite their financial scope.

How many people will attend?

We plan that the event will be attended by 40 participants (30 students and 10 lecturers). In the previous editions of the summer school, we have received over 450 applications in total from more than 40 countries. The quality of applications  is generally high each year, therefore we thoroughly work on our selection process, adapting it for the particular edition of the school. Even though our school is mostly directed on early-career researchers, we highly appreciate strongly motivated individuals regardless their background and occupation. Similarly, as in the previous year, the project will be intensively advertised at several conferences, through social media and by personal recommendation in order to attract best participants.

How can you support us?

We welcome all kinds of help, however, we seek financial support first of all as our mission is to provide equal possibilities to all the students, especially from developing countries, by giving travel grants and registration fee discounts. We offer several Sponsor Packages:

  • ADS: advertisement of the sponsor through our social media and extensive alumni network
  • LEARN: advertisement through our social media and one participant from the sponsor’s side
  • TEACH: advertisement through our social media and sponsor-organized hackathon during the school
  • FULL: advertisement of the sponsor through our social media and extensive alumni network, one participant from the sponsor’s side and sponsor-organized hackathon

Contact us for the detailed information on each of the packages.

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If you are interested in our offer or would like to learn more about #NGSchool, please contact us directly. We are looking forward to initiating rewarding and lasting professional relationships