Below, you can find detailed program of Nuclear Landscapes 2018. You can find more information regarding venue here.

If you were selected for poster session, definitely check poster guidelines.

Friday 14 Sep

Registration and welcome

19:00 Opening talks [Chair: Dariusz Plewczyński]
Denes Hnisz - Chromosome structure and function in health and disease
Jerzy Dobrucki - Imaging chromatin and nuclear organisation by fluorescence super-resolution microscopy
20:00 Get together at Pub Lolek
Saturday 15 Sep
8:30 Registration
9:00 Talks [Chair: Joanna Sułkowska]
Rafael Casellas - How nuclear architecture regulates transcription
Matthias Bochtler - Protein-DNA acid interactions: Symmetry, degeneracy, modifications
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Talks [Chair: Rafael Casellas]
Joanna Sułkowska - KnotGenom - A server for genomic structures
Jan Komorowski - Of Allele-specific chromatin signals, 3D interactions, and motif predictions for immune and B cell related diseases
Salvatore Spicuglia - Clusters of interferon response genes are regulated by promoters with distal enhancer function
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Talks [Chair: Noam Kaplan]
Sergey Razin - Order and stochasticity in the Drosophila genome 3D organization
Hulkar Mamayusupova - The role of CTCF interaction with the largest subunit of RNA Polymerase II in gene (de)regulation and cancer  
Paweł Trzaskoma - High-Throughput and Genomic High-Resolution Positioning of Genes
Michał Kadlof - Image-driven chromatin modelling
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Talks [Chair: Leszek Pryszcz]
Noam Kaplan - Explicit probabilistic models of chromatin interaction
Charalampos Spilianakis - The role of CD4 T cell genome organisers in the cause of autoimmunity
Jane Skok - The role of chromosome architecture in driving oncogenic transcriptional programs
18:00 Poster session with wine & cheese
20:00 Get together at Pub Tola
Sunday 16 Sep
9:00 Talks [Chair: Guillaume Filion]

Yijun Ruan - Multiplexity in 3D genome organization and transcription regulation
Feng Yue - 3D genome structure in cancer cells

10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Talks [Chair: Bartek Wilczyński]

Adriana Magalska - Activity-induced chromatin remodeling in neurons is dependent on HDAC1 histone deacetylase
Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek - Dysfunctions of epigenetic enzymes change nuclear lanscapes in glioblastoma
Guillaume Filion - How does genome organization influence the HIV infection?
Grzegorz Wilczyński - Three dimentional electron-microscopic in situ hybridization (3D-EM-ISH) - a novel way of ultra-high resolution visualization of specific chromatin-domain structural organization

13:20 Closing remarks & farewell


We'll provide bus to Lublin for participants of #NGSchool2018 departing from CeNT ~13:30.