Event Question Answer
#NGSchool2019 Lecture recordings availability

At the moment this is unlikely, however we do plan on implementing this solution in the future.

#NGSchool2019 What is the possibility of financial assistance?

For now we can not confirm that we will be able to give the funding to all accepted applicants. We will fund only a part of applications so while funding yours is a definite possibility, it can not be confirmed until we revise everyone's applications.

#NGSchool2019 Can I apply if I am not a bioinformatician?

We welcome people with different backgrounds as long as the person is motivated and will benefit from the school. Our registration form tests the applicants’ knowledge in Biology, Statistics and Bioinformatics, since our school is not intended for beginners - we encourage you to apply and test your skills with the registration form.

#NGSchool2019 How to apply for a short talk during the 'Participant talks' slot?

We will ask for abstracts in the participant form which we will send to the successful applicants in May/June - the talks will be chosen from among the best abstracts.

#NGSchool2019 Can undergrad students attend NGSchool?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone who plans to use machine learning in the future for bio-medicinal field is the perfect candidate.

#NGSchool2016 Which scientific background is needed to attend the course?

We will accept applications from students/researchers from biology, medicine, computer science and related disciplines. We will make sure that the course community is interdisciplinary, which will result in interesting discussions and will bring future experts from diverse disciplines together. 

#NGSchool2016 How / when the travel expenses will be reimbursed?

You should arrange your trip by yourself. We'll refund all your expenses after receiving travel expenses form (you will get one during the School). Please, keep all your tickets & travel receipts. 

Car travel will be refunded based on fixed per km basis (no gas receipts are required in this case). 

Note, you can share the trip, posting your details in our Forum > Travel section. 

#NGSchool2016 What is included in registration fee?

Registration fee covers all of the expenses, including course materials, accommodation, meals and travel grant. We will be able to refund your travel expenses up to €100. 

Note, some social events may require your contribution, depending on our budget. 

#NGSchool2016 Do I need previous programming / bioinformatics experience in order to apply?

People having no prior experience with Bioinformatics / programming are welcome, but strong motivation is desired!

We will ask everyone with no experience to undertake intensive (!) on-line course introducing Linux and basics of programming approximately 2 weeks before the course start. Undertaking that course will be crucial in order to secure smooth course experience. 

#NGSchool2016 Shall my poster be focused on NGS-related research?

No, the poster focus can be any area of research. You should present the project that you find the most interesting for sharing with others. 

#NGSchool2016 Is submitting the poster abstract obligatory for participation in the course?

Presenting the poster isn't mandatory to attend the course. Nevertheless, submitting the poster abstract is strongly recommended, as applicants will be evaluated also based on their recent research projects.