As many great things in life, #NGSchool started from a hangout and discussion over a beer with a bunch of friendly people. The idea was born over lunch in Bratislava, back in summer 2015. The initial motivation behind #NGSchool was to organise excellent & affordable training in Bioinformatics for young, talented scientists. While there were many great hands-on courses in Bioinformatics at the time, all of them were expensive, especially for researchers from Central & Eastern European Countries. We decided to make a difference.

The very first Summer School in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis (#NGSchool2016) was held on 14-21 Aug 2016 in Dolný Smokovec, Slovakia. #NGSchool2016 focused on general NGS data analysis. We have received over 80 applications from 15 countries, from which we selected 45 participants from 11 countries to attend #NGSchool2016.

The second event, #NGSchool2017, was held on 10-17 Sep 2017 in Jachranka. #NGSchool2017 focused on analysis of data from single-cell sequencing methods. We have received 205 applications from 42 countries, from these we selected 66 participants from 20 countries to attend #NGSchool2017.

In Spring 2018, in collaboration with RNA Club Warsaw we've organised series of RNA^NGS-focused workshops for biologists. In total, over 70 participants attended 4 workshops. Those events took place at IIMCB in Wasaw.

The third event, #NGSchool2018, focused on Single molecule real-time sequencing & personalised medicine was held 16-23 Sep 2018 at Medical University of Lublin. Beside standard lectures and workshops, for the first time we've organise hackatons (MinION sequencing: from sample to results). In addition, we've co-organised a satellite conference (Nuclear landscapes) exploring the links between sequence, structure and function of the human genome.

Fear and loathing in Jachranka, 2017

Currently we're working on #NGSchool2019 that will focus on machine learning techniques and their applications in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis and personalised medicine.

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