Community is everything to us, so #NGSchool contributors are warmly welcome to all our future events as guest :)))

Our community means everything to us, therefore we would like to warmly welcome all our previous speakers and contributors to all future #NGSchool events as guest! As we have limited budget, we won't be able to cover travel and accommodation of our guest. But - we just hope - that at least some of you will visit our future events to have a chat with current participants, to widen your scientific network and of course to see your friends there.

You will be welcomed to attend all lectures and workshops you like if there will be free places there. Our TEAM will try to help you with any issues you may have, but we can not guarantee anything (our team is quite small and the organisation of our events is very demanding). Just contact us with the details of your trip.

Of course, we would love to welcome all the participants of our previous events, however, we are afraid of a possibility to deal with so many people at once, that's why our invitation are limited to the previous contributors...


#NGSchool TEAM